Worksop Christian Centre Life



From 16 to 116, ladies please come along and join us at one of our events. WCC has a thriving & varied women’s ministry where we strive to cater for everyone. From early morning prayer breakfasts, full day conferences to fun filled evening activities, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy :o) - but if you don’t, talk to us. We are always happy to consider new ideas.

We believe women have a special role to play in the church family, and so we seek to encourage all ladies to participate, grow and develop through fellowship, teaching and sharing. God has a unique plan for each individual woman and we pray that with support and encouragement, each one will find fulfilment and be challenged to do greater things for God.

All our events are open to any ladies, not just those who attend WCC. And there is usually chocolate involved because we like chocolate!