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.As parents, grandparents, mentors, and leaders, we have been given the incredible power to make a difference in the world through the lives of the children we love. And though many of us pray for our children daily and strongly believe in the power of prayer, it's sometimes hard to know how to pray strategically, or even what exactly to pray for.

There’s a battle over our families today, and the enemy would love nothing more than to destroy all that we hold dear in this life. He’ll do everything he can to lure our children his way. But we don't have to let him win. Here’s hope from God’s word to remember…

Prayer is powerful, and His words are true. I'm aware more than ever, of just how much our children need our prayers. It's one of the most important gifts we could ever give to them in this life. God knows our hearts, He sees, He hears, and is always at work, even when we can't fully see.
Our children are His. And no matter where they go, how old they are, or what they’re facing in this life, they are secure in His care. They’re in His hands, and He has great purpose for them in this life. God loves each one of them so much more than we could ever imagine. 

We may not be able to be with them every hour of every day. But He is.

We may not see every struggle, every worry, every burden that can weigh our children down from day to day. But He does.

And He is always there, carrying them, and us, straight through.

Though it’s true, this world may seem dark many days, God calls us to be light, to make a difference in this life. Praying daily for our children, and for this generation to hold fast to that call. I'm freshly challenged and determined, more than ever before, to pray strategic prayers of blessing and hope over our children and families, today and every day.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to release my children who I love so incredibly much, straight into your tender care. Because I know that’s the best place they could ever be. Thank you in advance for all that you have in store, for this day, for this season, and for their entire lives.

I ask for your wisdom and direction over their day, that you would give them understanding beyond what their years say they should even know. I ask that you remind my children again of how very much you love them. I pray that they find security and confidence fully in you, knowing that you are trustworthy and true.

I ask for your peace to cover them. I ask for laughter and joy to fill their day. I pray that you would give them boldness and courage to face the challenges set before them, with the confidence and calmness that can only come from your Holy Spirit.

I ask that you teach them your ways, help them to be respectful to others, obedient to your paths, and have a desire to learn your word. Give them a compassionate spirit, and a willingness to look beyond the outward appearance of another to the deeper heart.

I pray that you would bring wrong to the light, that you would bring restoration and forgiveness when they mess up and lose their way. I ask for you to protect them from feelings of shame or condemnation, but instead, cover them with your grace and hope. I pray that you would surround them with friends and leaders who would challenge them to press closer to you.

In the Name of Jesus, I break every curse or negative word spoken over my children by me or anyone else. I now speak a word of life and blessings over them.

Please keep them safe forever. I ask that you protect them from any harm or evil intent that would lurk close by, or attack them while they’re unaware. I ask for you to cover them in your care and hide them in the safety of your powerful presence. I pray for you to protect their coming and going, and to remind them that you’re always with them. Give them alertness, spiritual discernment, and wisdom to avoid temptation and to make the best choices. Give them a heart for your word and for your ways.

I pray that you would direct their steps, that your plans for them would prosper, and that every place you have determined for them to walk would be paved clear. We ask for you to open doors that need to be opened and close every one that needs to be shut tight. Allow every gift and treasure you have placed inside their lives to grow, develop, and flourish, to bring you glory.

I ask that you would raise up greatness in my children, greatness in this generation, willing to stand strong and true, passionate for you, believing that you have designed them for purpose and good works, which you have planned and prepared in advance for them to do.

Let your word be a lamp for their feet. Be a light to their path. Shine over them. Fill them with your Spirit. Bless them with your favour and peace.

I thank you Father, that you walk ahead of them, beside them, and behind them too. I can trust you to always lead the way, be constantly at their side, and to have their back too, all at the same time.
Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to care for my children, and I praise you for the work you are continuing to do in their lives. They are a gift to me and to many others.

I love you Lord. I need you. And I trust you today and forever with these precious ones I love so dearly.

In Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for our Children